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Type: Bracelet

Everybody loves horses! least everyone that I know..and you must love them also or you wouldn't have landed here, right?

This majestic horse is stunning with its tail in the air and mane in the wind!

What a delightful bracelet for a horse lover of any age.

Betcha know at least one!! Right?

Now..a few things that You need to know...

First - We have a LOT of Colors you can pick you can rock your look!

Second - All the metals that are used are hypoallergenic and are made using a combination of Zinc, Sterling Silver and/or Pewter

Third - We use a "Gorilla Tested" magnetic clasp because we view your purchase as a investment and don't want it to drop off your wrist at inopportune times!


Be sure to review our Sizing Chart before ordering. DON'T GUESS YOUR SIZE...TAKE A QUICK MINUTE & MEASURE!! If you feel like you're in between sizes please let me know and we can discuss a custom order.