Festival Of Feathers

Type: Bracelet

Here is a unique 4 tiered bracelet that is sure to tickle your fancy! After all..You get lot's of feathers with this one!  This piece consists of 4 strands of 5mm leather and 6 feather sliders. This design gives the illusion of being a multiple wrap bracelet but it's really one piece. It's shown in our ever popular multicolor leather with copper sliders and clasp.

PLEASE NOTE: The multicolor leather that is pictured comes in a wide variety of color. This photo shows how it can sometimes have a lot of blues and greens. But it can also have a lot of browns and oranges instead. We DO NOT guarantee that what you will receive will exactly match what is shown. If you're looking for an exact color then please choose another leather.

Available in several different colors, this bracelet has a magnet clasp for ease of use. All metals are guaranteed hypoallergenic and are made of a combination of zinc, sterling silver, brass, copper, and/or pewter.

Be sure to our sizing chart before ordering. If you feel like you're in between sizes please let me know and we can discuss a custom order.

This 4 tiered delight is available in other color combinations which can be seen in our Sassy and Flats collections.

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