The Emporers Shield

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Type: Bracelet

It has been said that this shield design was found in the burial tomb of the Great Emporer Wu of the Han Dynasty in China.

After researching the shield, it was said that the Emporer had this design made to signify his power and authority.

Now...we aren't 100% sure on that...BUT...what we do know is that if you are looking for a very UNIQUE handmade leather that just might start a few conversations when others see it...then this one deserves some serious consideration.

So..Here are some Details that you should know..

First - We have a LOT of Colors you can pick you can Rock Your Look!

Second - ALL The Metals that are used..are Hypoallergenic and are made using a combination of Zinc...Sterling Silver and/or Pewter

Third - We use a "Gorilla Tested" magnetic clasp... BECAUSE we view your purchase as a Investment...and don't want it to drop off your wrist at inopportune times!


Be sure to review our Sizing Chart before ordering. DON'T GUESS YOUR SIZE...TAKE A QUICK MINUTE & MEASURE!! If you feel like you're in between sizes please let me know and we can discuss a custom order.

Lastly - Now Go Order! And maybe get one for your best friend!