Dreamy Pink Rhodonite

Type: Bracelet

Rhodonite is a heart chakra and it's dreamy pink coloration attracts love.  This piece contains a genuine polished Pink Rhodonite stone set in a unique oval cabochon.  It's pictured here on black leather. 

Because this is a natural stone, each stone will be slightly different in color and variation.  Your stone in your bracelet will look slightly different than the one pictured here. 

Available in many different leather colors, this bracelet has a magnet clasp for ease of use. All metals are guaranteed hypoallergenic and are made of a combination of zinc, sterling silver, and/or pewter.

Be sure to our sizing chart before ordering. If you feel like you're in between sizes please let me know and we can discuss a custom order.

This beautiful bracelet is one of many styles in our Gemstones Galore collection.